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Alex Ferrigno

Associate E: M: 07384 827707

Alexandra Vella

Associate E: M: 07787 435497

Amarinder Singh Brar

Master Mariner E: M: 07881 672333

Andrew Hughes

Consultant E: M: 07771 958337

Asad Naqvi

Partner E: M: 07824 830276

Baris Oztoprak

Partner E: M: 07384 827428

Benjamin Middleton

Associate E: M: 07780 926566

Charlie Young

Partner E: M: 07884731440

Eduardo Prim

Partner E: M: 07825 216473

Edward Gray

Partner E: M: 07799 898067

Ellie Hall

Associate E:

Gareth Thompson

Partner E: M: 07379 032277

Ian Hawkes

Consultant E: M: 07799 898073

Jaikar Singh Sohal

Master Mariner E: M: 07425 414704

James Burrows

Associate E: M: 07495 910665

Jonathan Steer

Partner E: M: 0777 333 8639

Jonathan Watson

Partner E: M: 07801 736148

Kate Phillips

Associate E:

Kirsten Jackson

Associate E: M: 07876 879793

Mark Seward

Partner E: M: 07971 049333

Martin Dalby

Partner / Master Mariner E: M: 07768 587893

Matthew Montgomery

Partner E: M: 07384 525255

Nick Wilson

Partner E: M: 07557 179071

Nico Saunders

Partner E: M: 07977 236143

Oliver McGaw

Associate E: M:

Peter Gercans

Partner E: M: 07904 372911

Peter Harris

Master Mariner E: M: 07881 625094

Rebecca Rowe

Trainee E:

Salomi Manousaki

Associate E:

Samuel Hacking

Trainee E:

Simon Johnson

Partner E: M: 07795 385428

Simon Wolsey

Partner E: M: 07801 587085

Vaughan Wise-Dolpire

Partner E: M: 07788 203973

Zeejah Rizvi

Trainee E:

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MFB partner and superyacht law specialist Jonathan Watson was a recent guest speaker at the Red Ensign Group Conference, this year held in Jerse...

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